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What is Cervisia?

Cervisia is a graphical frontend for the CVS client. It provides access to the following features: Cervisia is distributed freely under the Q Public License.


Cervisia is distributed with virtually all Linux distributions, either as a standalone application, or as part of a package kdesdk. Current versions can be downloaded as source packages or RPMs from the KDE site.

Further information

See the files README and ChangeLog in the package for further information. Bugs should be reported to KDEs bug tracking system. People on the kde-devel mailing list may help with installation or usage issues.

If you are courageous enough to try the newest development version or you want to contribute patches, you may want to check out the version in the KDE repository, module kdesdk.


Main view Main view screenshot Revision tree Log tree screenshot
Blame annotation Blame annotation screenshot Graphical diff Diff view screenshot


For the 2.0 version, you need Qt 3.1 and kdelibs 3.1. It should also compile on commercial Unices like Solaris and HP-UX. You may want to ask on the mailing list for people who have already compiled KDE on such platforms.

Note that the KDE requirement only refers to the libraries Cervisia needs. It is not necessary to use any part of KDE. Cervisia runs fine with any window manager or desktop environment.


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